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LATEST:Holocaust Memorial Days begin today 26 January 2014

This week's reading is Parashat Terumah [פרשת תרומה] (Exodus 25:1 - 27:19).

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Welcome to the website of the Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation! We are a Jewish community based in Aberdeen, serving the Grampian region and the North East of Scotland. Although our numbers may be small, we are a thriving community; sadly without a permanent rabbi, but we do host a series of social, cultural and religious events throughout the year. Visitors are always welcome to our shul, and indeed on many occasions visitors have helped us make a minyan.

Jewish life in Aberdeen can be difficult at times, but it is also very interesting and rewarding. Our shul is the cornerstone of spiritual life for many of our local Jewish families and friends.

Please take a moment to browse our newly updated website! For those who are looking for the old-style pages, please follow the links to the left (the old pages will remain on the server for as long as we have the space). Any queries regarding the site may be directed to the webmaster. For other queries and information, please see our Contacts page.

Thank you for visiting! !הכל טוב

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There are various events taking place in Aberdeen for Holocaust Memorial Day. Please see our events page for full details.

Holocaust Event

Every year the world falls silent to honour those who lost their lives in one of the most terrible and truly tragic moments of the Twentieth Century and through prayer and meditation mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

Following last year’s moving and memorable event, the University of Aberdeen will again host a tribute to commemorate all those who suffered and died.

This year’s program will again be led by Professor Paul Mealor and include music from the University Chamber Choir and an instrumental performance.  Professor Christopher Fynsk will read and talk about a letter from Robert Antelme to a friend, written just three weeks after his liberation from a death camp and there will be an address as well as a musical performance in Hebrew.





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