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Visit of Rabbi and Mrs Mirvis, April 2017

We were very honouored to be visited by the Chief Rabbi of the UK, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, and his lovely wife Valerie, earlier on this month.  This is a very small selection of pictures - there will be a lot more to follow once we get round to uploading them all.


Succot, 5777


Many thanks to the students and others, who came round on the Sunday before Succot, and made all the wonderful decorations.  We couldn't put them up right away because the weather was too inclement and they would have all blown away :( so we waited until the Friday, then finished the decorating to make a truly magical Succah!  After a short service where everyone waved the lulav, we held Friday night prayers and kiddush in there, thus fulfilling the mitzvah of eating a meal in the succah.  Fortunately the weather was co-operating by then and a fairly frosty evening gave us a wonderful display of twinkling stars through the willow branches overhead. 

Doors Open Day, September 11, 2016


A great big Todah Rabbah! to all those who helped - and all those who visited!  Here is a wee selection of pictures from a very busy and enjoyable day.


Brandon's Garden Makeover - May/June 2016


We cannot do enough to thank Brandon and his fellow Eagle Scouts for giving our back garden a total makeover as part of a Leadership Project.  To give you an idea of the scale of the work, the garden had seen very little done to it in almost 100 years.  They cut down trees, chopped up ivy, built raised beds, cleared out decades worth of rubbish and re-seeded a lawn!  Sadly, Brandon and his family had to leave the shul shortly afterwards due to work committments and relocation.  But they have left us with a lasting legacy which will enhance our use of the shul and garden for many years to come.


There will be more pictures posted after Succot, now that the plants have settled in, for you to see the spectacular difference!

New Windows Project, 3rd week in February, 2016


Probably not the best time of the year to have most of the windows renewed - the temperature fell to below freezing at night - but thanks to some lovely lads from a local company, and peoples' generous donations, we have now had the windows in the attic, the first floor bathroom, and the community hall, refurbished and made secure.  We will have some painters come to paint them in the summer, and they should last for at least ten years.  We are still raising cash to have the windows in the basement and the shul completed too. 


Paintathon Mitzvah Day, 2nd August 2015


We were joined by friends from Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation, and other places, for our Paintathon Mitzvah Day on 2nd August.  In one day, we scraped, filled and painted the shul and two bathrooms, and did some work in the garden as well!  This was the first major renovation that the shul itself had seen in 70 years.


We are still putting bits back and tidying up after the Paintathon, but there will be another series of pictures soon, showing the final results.


A huge Thank You! to everyone who gave their time, expertise and efforts to help revive our shul!

Reception at the Synagogue for our 70th Anniversary


On 19 July 2015, we had a small reception in the shul, for the Lord Provost and some of the Councillors, to mark our 70th Anniversary in the building at Dee Street.  Our VIP guests all seemed to enjoy their visit very much and below, you can see some pictures of the event.

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Scapegoat (Acrylic on Canvas, C Nyssen, 2016) Scapegoat (Acrylic on Canvas, C Nyssen, 2016)

This week's Parshah is Emor, Leviticus 21:1 to 24:23. The haftorah is Ezekiel 44:15 to 44:31

The next Parshah in the cycle is Behar, Leviticus 25:1 to 26:2  The haftorah is Jeremiah 32:6 to 32:27.

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