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Events and Calendar ארועים ולוח שנה

For all the latest events that are happening both in the Shul, and the outside world, please check this page regularly!

Shul Events הפתחים שלנו

The shul is normally open for Ma'ariv worship on Friday evenings from 6:00 pm.  Members are respectfully requested to sign up on the rota to staff Friday Night services - please contact the Information office.


Visitors should be aware to now email in advance if they wish to attend a service.  These may not always be led services, or may be taken by a woman.  If you have any questions please contact the Information Office.

One of our student members is selling a variety of fresh-baked Challah loaves for £4 each (£6 for two).  Please order by 4PM on Wedn if you want the challah for Fri night.  For more info or to order, please contact the webmaster and we will pass on the link.

The next Hebrew class and Israeli Culture Day will be on 28th May 2017..   As usual, the kickoff will be at 2:00 pm.   If you need the materials for the upcoming class,  please email the webmaster to get the materials in advance.

Our next Shabbat Sacharis service will take place at 10:00am on Saturday, 3 June 2017,  followed by Kiddush.  The Parshah will be Naso and we are looking for volunteers to do the commentary.


Other Upcoming Events


September - Open Doors Day


External Events   אחרים ארועים

The Israeli female under-21 netball team will be in Aberdeen 10-14 May, see http://www.netballscotland.com/U21NE17 The team is looking for match helpers.  If you can help out, or otherwise want to be involved (or watch matches), please email the webmaster and we will put you in touch with the organisers.

Scojec is organising a "Fire and Light in the Forest" event for Lag b'Omer, on 14 May (Sunday).  It will be in Callendar Forest near Falkirk, and the hope is to get Jews from all over Scotland to attend. Scojec will provide free transport from Aberdeen.  For more information, and to book a place, see http://www.scojec.org/news/2017/17v_lag_b_omer/booking/booking.html   or email  events@scojec.org  .   Note that if you want to take advantage of the offer of free transport, you need to book by 5 May.

Update: the bus leaves Skene Street at 8:30 on Sunday.  For further details please contact the webmaster.

Aberdeen university is hosting a series of Gifford Lectures on "Athens and Jerusalem: God, Humans, and Nature", see http://www.abdn.ac.uk/cass/about-the-2016-gifford-lectures-514.php These are open to all, and the first is 6PM on 25 April.

We are the world is taking place on Sat 22nd July 2017 at ACT Aberdeen.   This multi-cultural day will feature as many cross cultural activities for young people and their families with a celebration of arts, crafts, music, fashion, dance and food, to create a cultural rainbow of people from around the world, and around the corner.   ASJCC are hoping to have a stall at this - if you would be interested in helping out, please contact the webmaster.

We have been sent the following communication on behalf of Lord Bracadale.


I have been appointed by the Scottish Ministers to undertake an independent review of hate crime legislation in Scotland.   The review will take me around twelve months during which time I will seek to recognise and understand the impact that hate crime has on individuals and communities.   I want to hear from those who have experienced hate crime and from those who apply the law as it currently stands.   This will allow me to make sure that any proposals which I make about changes to the law are meaningful to victims and workable for the legal system.


I have produced a website which can be found at  http://www.gov.scot/hatecrimelegislationreview  It  provides information about what I will be considering,  the process I intend to follow and how people can engage with me.  Included on the website is a short questionnaire that invites people to share with me their understanding and  experiences of hate crime.   


I hope that the web pages go some way towards answering any questions you may have at this early stage.  My team can be contacted on secretariat@hatecrimelegislationreview.scot


My team will publish updates about the process in due course.  In the meantime I would be very grateful if you could share this information with your colleagues and contacts.  


Best wishes


Lord Bracadale


What's Changed About Being Jewish In Scotland?


Scojec has now published its full report on "Whats Changed about Being Jewish in Scotland", see  http://www.scojec.org/bjis2_findings.html .

Why me? Survey 
This is being conducted by the Scottish Alliance of (CSREC), Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC), Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC) and West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC).
We hope you will participate in the survey as this will provide a useful evidence base to help us understand your experiences of hate crime and also your suggestions on how victims could be better supported.


Through this survey we seek to gather the experiences of individuals from diverse equality backgrounds who have experienced hate crime and how they feel they were supported and also what additional support they could have benefited from. The link to the survey is below:


Churchill Fellowships - Migration: Living Well Together
The link below may be of interest to anyone working in the general field of community cohesion.




Message from Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone QPM:


Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, France, on Friday 13 November 2015 and the ongoing extensive media coverage, it should be noted that at this time there is no known threat or link to Scotland.


Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe and whilst we understand that people will clearly be appalled by these events, I would urge each and every member of the community to continue to work together in ensuring that no person or group in Scotland feels marginalised or isolated. 


Due to the nature of the attacks in France, certain communities understandably feel more vulnerable at this time, with a particular focus from the media on Muslim and Jewish communities.  Police Scotland has an extremely positive relationship with these communities and we will continue to offer appropriate support and guidance around issues such as personal safety or the security of premises. We will not tolerate any attempts to target specific communities by any misguided individual or group and will work with all of our communities to resolve any issues and address any concerns. In this regard, we would urge people to go about their business as usual, however, should anyone become a victim, or witness any hate crime, they should contact the police and report the incident.


It is an unfortunate reality that Police Forces around the world often note an increase in hate crime in the immediate aftermath of terrorist attacks, and we have witnessed a number of isolated hate incidents across Scotland since Friday, which appear to relate to the attacks in Paris. I would however take this opportunity to reassure all communities in Scotland that officers have responded swiftly, gathered evidence and made arrests.  In relation to on-line crime, we will use the very technology that individuals use to send messages of hatred, to identify and arrest them.  I am confident that no incidents will go unchallenged and whilst they involve a small minority of people, they do not detract from the fact that Scotland is a diverse, multi-cultural and welcoming country, where people are tolerant of each other’s differences.


At this time there remains no specific threat to Scotland or Scottish communities; however I would ask our communities to take cognisance of the UK threat level which is at Severe, meaning an attack is highly likely, and remain vigilant.


Please be assured Police Scotland continues to work with partners at home and abroad countering the threat from terrorism to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our communities.  Thank you for your continued support in keeping our communities safe.


If you have any concerns or information about suspicious activity please contact the Police on 101, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or in an emergency dial 999.

CST Security Bulletin - November 2015
SECURITY BULLETIN - November 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [211.8 KB]
CST Bulletin issued 15 Feb CST Bulletin issued 15 Feb

The Chief Rabbi has issued a Pesach Message for 5776, which can be downloaded as a PDF.

The Chief Rabbi's Message for Rosh Hashannah, 5776
Chief Rabbi's Rosh Hashanah Message 5776[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [386.0 KB]

Message received via SCOJEC in conjunction with other Jewish Community Organisations

12th January 2015

We have been deeply saddened by the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris last week.  Our community’s thoughts and prayers have gone out to the victims and their families. This was an attack upon Jews, freedom of speech and those who protect our liberty.

When the terrorists turned their attention to shoppers and staff in the kosher supermarket, there was naturally fear and concern amongst our community as we watched events unfold.


The CST responded rapidly to the developing situation, liaising with the Police and Government to ensure that there was additional visible security around key Jewish community locations and increased patrols. Advice has been circulated to schools and parents, shuls and other communal buildings. The CST’s blog, linked to here, has been a constant source of updated information and reassurance.


The Board of Deputies was immediately in close contact with Crif, the representative body of the Jewish Community in France and remains so.


On Friday, the Immigration and Security Minister, James Brokenshire issued a statement to reaffirming his commitment to work with the Jewish community on security matters and to arrange to meet with community leaders this week.  There is also on Tuesday 13th January the annual scheduled meeting for community leaders with the Prime Minster at which the community will discuss the current situation and the latest developments. 


We were pleased to be joined by a large number of members of the community at the Unity Rally in Trafalgar Square organised by the French Embassy on Sunday 11th January. There is an online Book of Condolence for the victims which can be linked to here.


We express our solidarity with and support for the Jewish community of France and pray that we should only know peace.

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Scapegoat (Acrylic on Canvas, C Nyssen, 2016) Scapegoat (Acrylic on Canvas, C Nyssen, 2016)

This week's Parshah is Emor, Leviticus 21:1 to 24:23. The haftorah is Ezekiel 44:15 to 44:31

The next Parshah in the cycle is Behar, Leviticus 25:1 to 26:2  The haftorah is Jeremiah 32:6 to 32:27.

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