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Local Links - שכונה

Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation is proud to be a valued custodian of one of the 1564 saved Czech Torah Scrolls, MST323, on loan to us from the Memorial Scrolls Trust.  The MST have a unique Museum (recently refurbished) and can arrange for groups of up to 25, to be shown round the exhibition.
The Torah scrolls are witnesses to Czech Jewish life before the Holocaust and are not only a memorial to all those who perished, but are also a link to the future generations who continue to read them and love them, as we do in our own community.  These Torah scrolls bind all Jews together regardless of their denomination.
Further information please contact  by phone on 0207 584 3741 or email at info@memorialscrollstrust.org or visit their website at  www.memorialscrollstrust.org. They are in the process of expanding the website substantially, to include data about the towns the scrolls originally came from, the Jewish history of those towns and the fate of those Jews. They also intend to add data of the Recipients to whom the scrolls are on loan, together information from them.

http://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/about/special and http://specialcollectionslearning.wordpress.com


Aberdeen University's special collections, with many old and rare Hebrew and Judaica resources.  They have also produced some nice downloadable guides - https://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/documents/guides/hcol/qghcol008.pdf and http://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/documents/SLA_PDF/JudaicaCollections.pdf


You can also follow them on Facebook - www.facebook.com/SpecialCollectionsCentreUniversityOfAberdeen

British Transport Police (BTP) police Britain’s railways, providing a service to rail operators, their staff and passengers across the country. BTP also police the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, the Midland Metro tram system, Croydon Tramlink, Sunderland Metro, Glasgow Subway and Emirates Airline.


Given the recent events BTP have engaged with the Jewish Community and will act when required.

Aberdeen and Dundee have a dedicated officer and in the event of an incident, please contact 0800 40 50 40.

The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre was founded in 1987 and is based in Garnethill Synagogue in Glasgow (Scotland's oldest).  The SJAC aims to document and illustrate the religious, organisational, social, economic, political, cultural and family life of Jews in Scotland since the eighteenth century. It provides a research facility and an educational resource for the Jewish, and also the wider community, in order to heighten awareness of the Jewish heritage in Scotland and to stimulate study of the history of the Jews in this country.


Aberdeen has it's own dedicated page - http://www.sjac.org.uk/jewish-communities-in-scotland/aberdeen/

Kingussie High School have welcomed Shul members to the school as part of their RMPS programme.  As part of KHS's Religious, Moral and Philosophical calendar, pupils can learn about the history of Judaism and about Judaism in Scotland today.



Challenging media bias, fighting anti-Semitism, supporting Israel, standing with the Jewish people.


SCoJeC Links



The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) is the representative body of all the Jewish communities in Scotland.


The Council advances public understanding about the Jewish religion, culture and community, by providing information and assistance to educational, health, and welfare organisations, representing the Jewish community in Scotland to Government and other statutory and official bodies, and liaising with Ministers, MSPs, Churches, Trades Unions, and others on matters affecting the Jewish community.


The Council also provides a support network for the smaller communities and individuals and families who live outwith any Jewish community, and assists organisations within the Scottish Jewish community to comply with various regulatory requirements.


SCoJeC also promotes dialogue and understanding between the Jewish community and other communities in Scotland, and works in partnership with other organisations and stakeholders to promote equality, good relations, and understanding among community groups.


SCoJeC also produce Four Corners magazine, and we usually have a few copies available in the shul - the online version (PDF) can be read at  http://www.scojec.org/4cs/4cs.html


Other News links - חדשות

Israel's most-read English news website and best-selling English newspaper offers up-to-the minute breaking news from the Middle East. www.jpost.com



Childrens' Links -  לילדים

http://www.akhlah.com/ - The Jewish Childrens' Learning Network, with Parshah pages, flashcards, Bible history, colouring in, alefbet etc.


http://jewcer.com/project/jbrick-custom-jewish-lego-sets-help-us-grow - a Kickstarter site for a small, startup company who mod Lego sets to make them Jewish! Sadly, the Lego seder plate has now sold out, but you can still get the Tzedakah box or IDF minifigure, and help contribute to Jewish education through play!


http://www.e-ark.net/simpsons.html -
Rabbi Noah Gradofsky's Talmud spoof of an episode of The Simpsons!

Holiday Links - חגים

www.israelifooddirect.com are London-based but deliver within 3 business days (delivery is free on orders over £150).  Lots of goodies on there, not just for Passover!


http://www.billybear4kids.com/holidays/hanukkah/hanukkah.htm - lots of things to colour in, make and do for younger children.




Parshah Links - פרשת

http://eteacherhebrew.com/bible-study/torah-portion?nav=left_sidebar - an eLearning site with little videos (approx 5 mins) for each Parshah, to assist you with learning Hebrew!

Jewish Learning Links - ללמוד

http://www.aish.com/ - absolutely massive site with articles, Parashot, Kotel-cam and even an "ask the Rabbi" feature.  Lots to see and do here!


http://www.chabad.org/ - another massive site full of various resources.


http://www.hebcal.com/ - Holdiay calendars, date converters, Shabbat times and Torah reading cycle.  Useful date converter for working out B'nei Mitzvah parashot!


http://www.mechon-mamre.org/ - complete Tanach and Mishnei Torah by the RamBam in English, Hebrew, Aramaic, Portuguese, Rabbinat French versions of Tanach, plus links to listen in Hebrew.  Also includes an entire downloadable English-Hebrew Bible. 


http://www.jewfaq.org/index.shtml - a nice little site for complete beginners who want to learn more about Judaism.


http://torahonline.co.il/ - “A Free Email Course Which Will Teach You How To Learn Torah In The Original Hebrew With The Classic Commentaries!”

(Site also does paid-for courses so make sure you use the link above for the free one).

Jewish Shopping Links - קניות

Fresh challah can now be purchased from the shul.  This is freshly made each week and can be customised to suit your own preferences.  If interested, please email the webmaster and we will pass on your query to the lady who makes it.  It is very tasty and comes highly recommended!


http://www.1-800-dreidel.com/- decorations for all the Jewish holidays, quirky little gifts, home decor, fabrics and Jewish craft supplies. Although based in the US they will charge you actual postage and are very reasonable.




Other Links

http://www.jlgb.org/ http://www.jlgb.org/

The Jewish Lads' and Girls' Brigade have created exciting, new programmes for all age groups covering members, leaders, and volunteers.   They offer -

  • National winter and summer camps
  • Israel tour for 16 and 17 year olds
  • The Junior Citizenship Award and the Bright Sparks programme for 8 to 11 years
  • Enterprise Award for 11 to 14 years
  • Leadership skills training for 14+
  • The Evolve national qualification for volunteering for 8 to 25 years

Additionally, JLGB is the only Jewish organisation to administer the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, a significant number of participants having successfully completed the gold award.  The winter and summer camps provide an excellent opportunity for members to network and make friends with fellow Jewish youth from across the UK. The summer camps also include an international contingent. If required, funding is available to support attendance by all members.


Importantly, the new programmes have been designed to enable all our youth participate irrespective of location, all that is required are adult volunteers willing to supervise and support the programmes and record achievements.


For further information, please visit their comprehensive website or email the webmaster, to be put in touch with their Scottish representative directly.

http://www.homecookingbyfabienne.co.uk/ - Fabienne is a French-born Kosher cook and cookery teacher.  She writes regularly for the Jewish Chronicle and has just published her first book.  Her website is packed full of unusual and scrumptious Kosher recipes and is well worth a look!

Quick Links - לך מהר

Scapegoat (Acrylic on Canvas, C Nyssen, 2016) Scapegoat (Acrylic on Canvas, C Nyssen, 2016)

This week's Parshah is Emor, Leviticus 21:1 to 24:23. The haftorah is Ezekiel 44:15 to 44:31

The next Parshah in the cycle is Behar, Leviticus 25:1 to 26:2  The haftorah is Jeremiah 32:6 to 32:27.

Rabbi Rose of Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation Rabbi Rose

Parshah Commentary by Rabbi Rose of Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation -


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