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Renewal Fund - Latest!!!

It has been two years now since the major refurbishments of the shul began. To date, we have now managed to raise enough to repair the gas supply and central heating, a far more difficult and costly process than we originally anticipated. We are now faced with the task of rewiring the building, which is urgently required for safety reasons. There also remains urgent plumbing work to be done to the bathroom next to the succah.

Further down the list, remain the problems of upgrading the basement flat so that we can let it out, repairing the bay window in the attic flat, fixing the back door and hall, and rebuilding the toilet block on the ground floor.

This is before we even get to the more interesting work of recarpeting the stairs and shul, and redecorating the interior!

The total estimated bill for all of these things is £50,000. Some of this money, we hope to raise through appeals to heritage societies and other bodies, but the bulk of it will have to come from us - members, friends and benefactors.

To those who have already given, of their time, effort and cash, we sincerely thank you.

There is still, however, a lot to be done....

Our shul is, for the small community here in the North East, the cornerstone of our spiritual existence and Jewish life. We love our shul and are working hard to ensure that it remains viable; indeed, that it continues to thrive and grow. This task is, of course, all the harder given the current economic climate.

But please be assured that every single penny that comes into our Fund will be carefully budgeted, and spent where it is needed the most. Our shul was founded right at the end of the war, in 1945, when times were hard and people had next to nothing; we owe it to our founders to take up the challenge of keeping our shul alive. If they could do it, so can we!

May we also extend our warmest wishes for a joyful Xanukkah to all members and friends.

Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation

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I, <your name here>, am a UK Taxpayer and would like the Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation to reclaim tax at 28% on this, and any future, donations until further notice. I pay UK income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation can reclaim from my donation.

About the Shul

We are a small Jewish community based in Aberdeen and the Grampian region of Scotland. We have a small shul, but no permanent rabbi. We have various religious, educational, and social events; see the Events page for a schedule.

Visitors are very welcome, indeed on many occasions visitors have helped us make a minyan.

The Dee Street shul itself was dedicated in June 1945 and so we have recently celebrated our Diamond Jubilee in the building. We are always looking for any interesting snippets of news, old photos, cine film, newspapers or any local history concerned with the founding or history of the present shul.

Outside the Dee Street Shul

The Aberdeen Shul is an Orthodox Synagogue and so our liturgy is in Hebrew. We use the Authorised Daily Prayer Book of the British Commonwealth of Hebrew Congregations (ed. Simon Singer, ISBN 1857332555).

As in all Orthodox shuls, men and women are seated separately. Male visitors should wear a kippah (yarmulke) and these may be borrowed from the shul. Some members also wear a tallit although this is not essential.

The picture below shows the interior of our shul. Upstairs we also have a communal sukkah where events and celebrations are held.

If you are new to Judaism and would like to know more about any aspects of the shul, or Jewish life, please visit the Learn page.

Inside the shul


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